Work > Dog-eared at The Drawing Room

Dog-eared was presented for Undercover Books Et Cetera's inaugural exhibition. Located in the front salon at the Drawing Room in Edmonton, Canada, Undercover Books Et Cetera is a harbour for a dynamic collection of handmade or self-published books, art zines, prints, and other ephemera. Their focus is to feature small-run and artist-made publications by emerging artists.

In an effort to engage with material I have read recently, from newspaper articles to fictional works, I created Dog-eared, a series of sculptures that embody my desire to reify the experience of reading. In order to augment the content and form of these various and oftentimes disparate texts, I conceptualized their readings, by way of an exploration into the act of their consumption. My process combines traditional mediums such as bookbinding, embroidery, and paper-making with non-traditional materials including: found objects, ephemera, and personal belongings. Extrapolating on the consumption of the written word, this exhibition aims to invigorate books along with the diversity of experiences beyond their covers.

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