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One hand limp, fraught with paralysis. Your right eye surveils, while the left checks out. Your chakras teeter and you’re left uneven. In the present we are weak. We are wimps.

Imbalance reigns all around us. Our lopsided systems are out of kilter and on the verge of fascism. Confined to the right, controlled by logic, rationalism, analysis, and strategy is how we are forced to live. Until we make the decision to step to the right of our left hemispheres.

It is time to embody our beliefs and work it out.

Let us escape to now.

Rooting for Wimps is a participatory performance where the audience becomes witness to one woman’s ambition to achieve equilibrium between right and left. In an effort to channel her right hemisphere, a rigorous routine of left-bodied gestures is performed for the audience. Her ethos, “the personal is political” becomes a fitness showcase with the audience rooting from the courtside.

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